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commissions info!

Before commissioning please read my T.O.S!

contact me!

I do! furry, kemonomimi, oc's, ponys, candy gore, fanart, light nudity, please ask first :-)
I do NOT! heavy gore, mecha, style copying, sensitive subjects, your usual DNI criteria applies

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here are my prices!

pricesfull bodymid bodyicon
full illustration504540
flat color353025
colored sketch201510
  • these may change depending on the difficulty

  • full illustration means full color, simple abstract background

  • difficult props have an extra price, please ask first

  • prices in USD

extrasdifficultyprices (plus)
weapons, feather wingshard20
medium props and details (lace details, patterns, handheld items like umbrellas)medium10-15
props (simple food and simple handheld items like microphones)simple1 to 7

examples !esx

full color!

  • it has abstract background included, sorry for the first example!

flat color!

color sketch!

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faq !esx

F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions)!

what is considered (blank) body?


mid body

full body

Do you make art of/about (blank)?

-short answer: please read the home page.
-long answer: please feel free to ask me about any subject, but always respectfuly, and accept a no for answer if I decline the commission.

terms of service!esx



  • I won't start any job without having full payment first

  • payments are via PayPal or if you're from chile you can pay with Mach and cuenta vista

  • I won't make refunds unless I have not messaged you with any updates on your commission for at least 2 weeks

as a client you:

  • won't use my work for comercial purposes

  • may print my work for personal use

  • may edit, crop, resize,etc my work as long as you don't credit yourself for my work

  • may post my work, but if posted publically giving credit is required

  • should send as many references as you can for me to do my best :-)

thank you for reading!

you agree that:

  • I can refuse a request without explaination at my disposal

  • I won't accept rude behaviour

  • I'm free to post the works I've done as commissions to promote them unless you ask me otherwise

the commission process is:

  • My process is like this: I'll send you a sketch for you to approve (you will have to tell me if the face, pose, etc are okay at this stage), then I will send you the finished colored version for you to request any MINOR changes (like any mistake with a prop, a color, a missing detail, etc)

  • for mayor changes after the first approval stage I will charge an additional fee for it

  • The turnaround for each piece averages at 2 days to 2 weeks depending on the request. I will try to my best abilities to inform if I will be taking longer or complications arise, however if you are concerned, feel free to check-in with me at any time :-)


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